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Fashion Model Elsa Hosk | Swedish Supermodel

Early Life And Discovery

Elsa Hosk was born in Stockholm, Sweden on November 7, 1988 and is a Swedish fashion model that has made the list of the highest paid models in the world many times throughout her fashion modeling career. Elsa Hosk grew up in Sweden and became extremely famous when she started modeling for Victoria’s Secret as a lingerie model.

Elsa Hosk was raised in Sweden, and she was presented with offers to model during high school after her father submitted photographs to various modeling agencies in Sweden when she was 13 years old. Beautiful Swedish fashion model Elsa Hosk began modeling at the age of 14 and did some fashion modeling in high school but decided to primarily concentrate on her studies while doing some notable modeling work with Guess and other prestigious fashion companies from time to time.

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About Elsa Hosk

After graduating from high school, beautiful Swedish fashion model Elsa Hosk decided to pursue a career in the Swedish women’s basketball league. Although Elsa Hosk ultimately abandoned professional basketball for fashion modeling (allowing her to finally begin to fulfill her potential in fashion modeling and start earning millions upon millions of United States Dollars), she has been quoted as saying that the intense rigor of practices and travel helped her to prepare for the physical and travel demands of the fashion modeling world.

After playing professional basketball for approximately two years, beautiful Swedish fashion model Elsa Hosk began receiving many modeling job offers and soon moved to New York City to begin modeling full time. Many industry insiders believe that her modeling work with the lingerie retail giant Victoria’s Secret as a Victoria’s Secret PINK model was what brought her into the top tier of the fashion world, but it is important to remember that Elsa Hosk has also modeled for many world class fashion brands including being featured in the advertising fashion campaigns for Guess and Free People. In fact, beautiful Swedish fashion model Elsa Hosk has modeled for a number of famous fashion brands including Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Free People, H&M, Guess, and Victoria’s Secret.

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