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How To Become An Actress

Minimum 1,000 words per article (not including the title, images which are not required, tags, categories, HTML code, etc.).


No other categories available today.


ZARZAR MODELING AGENCY best known around the world as ZARZAR MODELS is looking for passionate and knowledgeable contributors to cover all levels of fashion (beauty, hair and makeup, proper nutrition for looking beautiful and fit, famous advertising campaigns and fashion editorials featuring the world’s top fashion models, etc.).

Successful contributors:

* Have an intimate knowledge of the latest beauty trends, fashion styles, and the top fashion models that make it all happen.
* Are proficient self-editors who produce clean copy and are able to follow style guidelines.
*Agree and accept that ZARZAR MODELS will have 100% copyright of all material published so that we may distribute and/or syndicate the material around the world if necessary.
* Enjoy reading Vogue magazine and have a unique writing style that can help grow an online community that is all about the fashion modeling industry.
* Are able to produce and create original, unique, very well written, and sticky beauty and fashion content for a dedicated fashion modeling following.

Our writers are part of a growing force of fashion modeling journalists who are immersed in knowing as much as possible about the world’s top fashion models and the fashion modeling industry. They are also helping to build a ZARZAR MODELS community of like-minded contributors and readers eager to share their opinions and stories about anything and everything fashion.

*All articles must have a minimum of 1,000 words (high quality articles).

*You are not allowed to add any types of links to your articles.

*You may embed (this is optional) youtube.com videos with a width of 640 and a height of 360 but you must make sure that you do not show suggested videos when the video ends (YouTube will give you that option when requesting the embed code). To embed a video simply go to the video and click on the share options, copy the HTML embed code, and then paste it on your article. You may only add videos from prestigious companies and not from individuals (please do not embed videos uploaded by your uncle Ben, aunt Ana, etc.).

*After you submit your first article it will be reviewed by our editorial staff and they will decide if it meets our minimum quality guidelines for publishing on any of our media properties and/or websites. Your articles must be unique and must have never been published anywhere else in the world. In addition, you agree to grant us the copyright for all of the work that you submit to us that gets published on any of our media properties and/or websites. If your article does not meet our minimum quality guidelines we have no obligation to publish the article.

Please note that our editors use advanced systems to check for plagiarism, copyright infringement, etc. as we expand our audience and capabilities around the world. We also plan on developing an auction based system where fashion and beauty writers can bid in real time for creative writing jobs but that is still in the development phase. We also expect that writers that have been writing for our organization for some time will know exactly what our expectations are (style, grammar, etc.) and what our readers are looking for when visiting our fashion modeling websites.

These paid opportunities are perfect for all levels of fashion writers and/or journalists (new stay at home moms, college students, experienced fashion writers, and journalists) who are eager to gain valuable online work experience and/or enhance their resumes (plus earn additional income working from home).

Thank you!




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